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Green World Lumber

Green World Lumber continues the long tradition of lumber proprietors supplying genuine mahogany to the marketplace, but with a philosophically different source of material.

Our mission is:

“To supply the absolute highest quality Genuine Mahogany, while being environmentally responsible stewards of this rare natural resource.”

By supporting plantation-grown materials, we are part of the new wave of environmentally responsible companies aiding the preservation of locales such as the Amazonian and Central American rainforests and where Swietenia Macrophylla naturally number among the most wonderful of the old-growth. Ending the destruction of old-growth would be a major tangible step in preventing the further extinction of Amazonian flora and fauna.

To affect change in the way companies source natural resources, we chose sustainable tropical hardwood plantations, to demonstrate how a superior product could be offered without the depletion of natural forests. In our aggressive search for the highest quality lumber at the absolute best price, we follow the guiding principles of never sacrificing quality or environmental sustainability. With these principal at the forefront of our sourcing strategy we can take great pride in the products we provide. To further ensure the legitimacy of our sources, mills are inspected to ensure their quality assurance process and conditions align with our mission. We do everything possible to ensure the highest ethical and quality standards are met for every piece of lumber we sell.

A passion and belief in the possibility of sustainable production of genuine mahogany lumber allows us to now proudly distribute genuine mahogany decking – the absolute pinnacle of lumber decking – to the world. Mahogany’s traditional beauty once again shines in some of the most magnificent lumber creations to date. Its structural prowess allows it to be utilized in complex, evocative, and emotional expressions of creativity through construction. Its absence from the marketplace has been marked by a surge in alternative tropical hardwoods, but still no wood can equal genuine mahogany.