Building a new deck as a do-it-yourself project is an excellent way to enhance your backyard space. For a superior finished project, look at these helpful tips provided by experts known for building the best hardwood decking in Toronto.

Perfect Exotic Hardwood Decking in Toronto

Among the many different materials that professionals use for deck building, mahogany remains a popular choice. Being elegant and exotic, this hardwood creates a one-of-a-kind look that will impress. For the best hardwood decking in Toronto, regardless of the lumber type, consider the following tips.

• Well-Made Fasteners – Using poor-quality screws is a complete waste of time and money. Eventually, these screws corrode. As a result, decks become unstable. In addition, the life of the deck diminishes prematurely. Especially when using pressure-treated wood, a much better option is coated or stainless steel screws.

• Support Concealment – Especially when building a new deck made of exotic lumber, such as mahogany, you do not want the fasteners to be visible. Therefore, consider different methods of concealment that give the deck a clean and professional appearance.

• Deck Design – Although you can build a single, flat platform, think outside the box by creating unique levels, configurations, and add-ons.

• Safety Railings – Obviously, deck railings are used for safety purposes. To enhance the overall design of the deck, you can get creative with wood alternatives, such as vinyl, metal, composites, cabling, and even glass.

• Add Color – For hardwood decking in Toronto, you can choose stain or paint that coordinates with the house, as well as your outdoor color scheme, for a more cohesive look.

• Overhead Shade – If you are building a deck in an area that receives a significant amount of hot afternoon sun, adding a pergola would be a great solution. In addition to protection from the elements, a deck pergola provides a place to hang lights, plants, outdoor speakers, and more.

• Intricate Detailing – It is also important to think about detailing when building a new hardwood deck. Even small touches add character and personality.