Finding Hardwood Suppliers Near You


We have all turned to search engines to find answers to our problems. Searching for “hardwood suppliers near me” is no exception. We have seen the data and want to help answer your question. So today we are going to tell you about ourselves, Green World Lumber, and where to buy mahogany in Ontario.

The Roots of GWL Hardwood Decking

While working for a large competing hardwood decking supplier, Green World Lumber’s proprietor, Taylor Willson, found it difficult to enthusiastically sell various decking products that he knew would not live up to some of their promises and standards. This was especially the case for plastic decks that were sold under the idea that they could rival the beauty and grandeur of using real wood.

From his experience in the industry he sought out to create a company that would provide more than just cheap products with flashy promises and heavy price tags. In 2013, believing genuine mahogany to be the best overall product in the decking industry, he launched Green World Lumber in the hopes of answering the question of where to buy mahogany in Ontario, let alone all of Canada.

In rooting himself with one type of wood, genuine mahogany, Taylor wanted to become the specialist for the best product for outdoor use. It is because of this confidence in genuine mahogany that GWL offers a 20-year warranty.

A Sustainable Hardwood Supplier

Partnering with Fijian mills approved by the Fijian Government, Green World Lumber was given the rights to import the genuine mahogany from the plantations of Fiji. Through this relationship, GWL has been able to offer the outstanding qualities of genuine mahogany, at competitive prices, without having the end users feel as though they are harvesting an unsustainable resource.

Fijian mahogany is a popular choice among trusted hardwood suppliers across North America. J Gibson McIlvain, one of the United States largest and oldest lumber suppliers, considers genuine mahogany to be the answer for replacing woods harvested unsustainably.

Spreading Across Canada

An important quality of hardwood suppliers is being able to easily get the lumber into their customer’s hands. Since 2013 Green World Lumber has shipped its genuine mahogany all across this big province of Ontario, but we don’t stop there! From Montreal to Vancouver, we have sent our mahogany on a cross-Canada tour! So no matter where you are in Canada, get a quote from us and ask about reaching your destination.

More Than Just Hardwood Decking

One of the major cornerstones of Green World Lumber is “excellent customer service.” After seeing first hand the lack of effort and hospitality that goes on in this industry, Taylor strove to make sure that anyone who contacted GWL received a fast, knowledgeable response. It is Green World Lumber’s customer service that has allowed us to be a leader in the Canadian mahogany lumber industry.

Due to popular demand, we are also turning a new leaf! Green World Lumber is proud to now offer our wood for purposes beyond just the deck in your backyard paradise. Our genuine mahogany would look and feel fantastic as a hardwood floor in your dining room, or stained a beautifully rich colour for the siding of your home. Thanks to the versatility of genuine mahogany, its uses are limited by your creativity!

So thank you reader if you are a current or past Green World Lumber customer. We have appreciated and valued your business over the years. With so many hardwood suppliers to choose from, your trust in us gives us the confidence to know we are on the right path.

To new or potential customers, we hope that the resources you find on this site are practical, useful, and interesting. We would love to build a relationship with you going forward! Contact us and let’s get started!