green world lumber, national distributor of Fijian mahogany decking in Canada.
green world lumber, national distributor of Fijian mahogany decking in Canada.

Genuine Mahogany Hardwood Lumber

Since its discovery, Genuine Mahogany has been the most sought-after lumber material in the world, especially for high-end luxury products. The species of tree that is harvested for this exquisite lumber has the Latin name “Swietenia Macrophylla and is more commonly known as Honduran Mahogany. This lumber has been described by wood-workers and craftsmen in many industries as the best wood for holding shape with the lowest amount of shrinkage and warping. Additionally, its natural resistance to rot and decay is enhanced by its ability to take seals and stains. These characteristics combined with Honduran Mahogany’s extreme durability, and beautiful grain made it the superior wood for all uses.

The Swietenia Macrophylla trees grew natively in the Americas, but have since been transplanted to plantations in similar climates such as the island of Fiji. In the 1940’s and 50’s proprietors of lumber and its larger consumers understood the threat posed to naturally occurring stocks of genuine mahogany. They were able take proactive steps and work together to create sanctuaries where Swietenia Macrophylla would be able to thrive outside its native region. Becoming some of the first stewards to implement a sustainable model for managing this precious resource.

As lumber brokers begin to comprehend the devastation and negative environmental impacts caused by illegal and excessive logging, the origin of the materials they source and provide to their customers has become a key consideration in their selection process. Illegal logging robs the indigenous peoples of the land and resources they have managed for centuries and displaces them from their homes. Responsible stewards of mahogany lumber plantations can offset the demand for unethically sourced lumber through wise management of plantation-grown lumber. Managing genuine mahogany and ensuring it is never lost is achieved through ensuring a long term and sustainable approach from the start.


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