So you’ve decided to build a hardwood deck for your home in Ontario!  Hardwood decking in Canada is a good choice as a hardwood deck will add a relaxing element to your home as well as increasing the value of your property. There are a plethora of choices in the hardwood family for decking in Ontario. The decking material is the most important choice you will make. Even with all of the synthetic choices available in decking materials, wood is still by far the most popular. Wood is authentic, durable, and sustainable. It creates a cozier, warmer feel to an outdoor retreat that is lacking with synthetics.

Woods for decks come in various grades – the higher the grade, the better the wood and the longer life expectancy. Hardwood decks can be stained, pre-treated for mold and insects and looks beautiful.  Make sure you visit one of the many hardwood decking suppliers in the Ontario area so that you can see, touch and feel the different varieties of wood. While you are there check out different stains and colors. It is also wise to buy a few planks of different varieties of hardwoods and take them home to see how they look in your environment.

Options in wood decking in Ontario include pressure treated pine, knotty inland cedar, redwood, and mahogany. Within the wood classifications are various grades and different variations of the trees as well. Pressure treated pine is the least expensive but requires the most maintenance. You will need to clean it every year or two. It sometimes shrinks unevenly as well and that causes issues with time. This kind of wood is especially sensitive to the environment and humidity factors. It is best to upgrade to the premium or select treated boards even though they are more expensive.  Inland or red cedars decking does better at holding up on the maintenance scale.

Fijian mahogany is an excellent choice for Ontario wood decks.  Mahogany is actually history’s oldest custom project wood. It is widely available, highly durable and sustainable. Fijian mahogany is harvested on one of the world’s largest sustainable mahogany plantation developed by the lumber industry and Fijian government. Because of the plantation’s high yield, mahogany is more affordable than ever before. Mahogany wood is a timeless wood that will add elegance to your deck. The natural color becomes richer with age to maintain a beautiful look through the years.

Fijian Mahogany is more durable than pine, cedar or redwood. It has very small scattered pin knots in the wood and therefore has a much more polished, smoother look. For Ontario Fijian mahogany wood is a great choice. Mahogany performs especially well in moderate climates.  Mahogany looks wonderful in wooded environments and holds up well in sunlit areas.

Mahogany is fast becoming the most popular choice for hardwood decks and is featured on numerous home improvement shows and websites. Having a deck is a wonderful outdoor addition and knowing that you are creating a green deck will be satisfying as well.

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