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Protection of A Precious Resource

Genuine Mahogany has been exploited and over-logged throughout history. Fortunately, the Government of Fiji has recognized that this approach will mean the end of this beautiful species. The government monitors and vigilantly protects its mahogany forests to ensure that they are sustainable for future generations.

Government Managed

Strict government controls ensure that there are standards in place for harvesting, reforestation and workplace safety. These protective measures not only protect the mahogany forests but also create opportunities that are sustainable and provide much-needed employment for the locals of Fiji. All licences and leases are scrutinized before being granted. The government conducts extensive audits and inspections to ensure all wood meets standards and are obtained legally. Violators will face heavy penalties and can even have their licences revoked.

Partner with Nature

Green World Lumber is a proud provider of Mahogany sourced from these protected forests in Fiji. When you buy Green World Lumber’s Genuine Mahogany you are forging an alliance with nature for future generations.