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Aesthetically Unrivalled

Why was mahogany the favoured wood of royalty?
Mahogany has an inherent beauty coupled with an advantageous strength to weight ratio. The rich, reddish-brown colouring lends mahogany a bold, elegant style that simply exudes luxury. Blessed with a smooth shimmering surface and minimal knots, Genuine Mahogany is the perfect choice for your deck project.

Stains And Finishes

Unlike most tropical hardwoods, Mahogany easily takes on stain and finishes. This, however, is recommended only for areas protected from the wind, rain, and sun. In our harsh Canadian climate, the stain on an exposed area will quickly degrade. To keep your deck beautiful, the most effective and low maintenance procedure is to use a penetrating oil to seal and protect the surface from abrasive weathering. Oiling the deck will initially bring out the classic red mahogany colour, but over time your Genuine Mahogany deck will age gracefully to a stunning silvery grey colour.

Durability, Performance And Comfort

We live in a time of so many choices and options. During their final analysis, most people are searching for a product of quality at a fair price. At Green World Lumber, we are confident that we meet this criterion that Genuine Mahogany is the ultimate decking material for your project. It is spectacularly beautiful, comfortable underfoot, it naturally resists rot, is extremely stable and easy to work with. Green World Lumber only sells wood that is responsibly harvested and is sustainably procured.

20-Year Limited Warranty

We stand behind our product. Green World Lumber offers a limited 20-year warranty against rot on your purchase of our Genuine Mahogany. When you buy our wood know that you have chosen an earth-friendly reliable product engineered by nature to last a lifetime.