When searching for a beautiful, rich wood for your decking project, Fijian mahogany could be the perfect choice for your needs. Fijian mahogany decking is becoming popular in Toronto because it offers a number of important benefits, including the fact that it is an excellent choice for green building standards. The reason for this is that each Fijian forest is actually regulated by the government there to ensure sustainability. Due to the world-renowned certification program in Fiji, only a few select suppliers of this product exist. By choosing a quality supplier, there is no need to travel around the world in order to benefit from the incredible beauty of this exotic tropical hardwood.

The Many Benefits of Fijian Mahogany Decking

Despite the fact that Fijian mahogany is actually much less dense than other hardwood, it is still quite resistant to scratching and extremely durable. In fact, Fijian mahogany is up to three times harder than redwood or cedar. With its tropical colors and reddish hues, this hardwood is the ideal choice for any outdoor living space.

It should be noted that due to the tropical environment in which Fijian mahogany is sourced, this hardwood must be acclimated properly. Rather than the typical method of air-drying, it is important for Fijian mahogany decking in Toronto to be kiln-dried. Doing so will provide maximum resistance to cracking and warping while providing maximum strength. This type of attention to detail makes a tremendous difference in terms of ensuring a high-quality product.

Because Fijian hardwood decking is the softest of all of the hardwood options, it is also much easier to install than other choices. Furthermore, since this type of mahogany is still a hardwood, is also quite easy to maintain. All you need to do to maintain the beauty of its exotic look is apply the right sealant annually.

In order to make sure your decking is able to withstand the test of time, it is important to make certain you choose the right Toronto supplier for your Fijian mahogany decking. At Green World Lumber, we supply only the highest-quality Fijian mahogany decking products sourced using the most sustainable practices.