When you are looking for something a bit different for your flooring or decking, exotic hardwood can be a great choice. An exotic hardwood supplier in Toronto can help you choose the best type of exotic hardwood to suit your needs.

The Differences Between Hardwood and Exotic Hardwood Species

Each type of wood species is categorized as either exotic or domestic. Domestic refers to any type of hardwood that is native to North America, while exotic refers to any species of hardwood that is not native to North America. It should be noted that some species of hardwood can actually be native to North America as well as other regions of the world. In such cases, these species of hardwoods are considered to be exotic or domestic based on where the hardwood was actually harvested. The location of where the hardwood is sourced can make a difference in terms of quality as well as resistance to rot.

Some of the most common types of domestic species are cherry, birch, red oak, hickory, pine, white oak, and maple. Examples of exotic species of wood include Brazilian cherry, bamboo, cypress, and mahogany. Examples of species that can be both domestic and exotic include cypress, birch, walnut, and hickory.

What to Consider When Choosing an Exotic Hardwood Supplier in Toronto

When choosing wood flooring and an exotic hardwood supplier in Toronto, it is important to ensure that the supplier you choose is committed to sustainable forestry practices. Many people prefer exotic species of hardwood because they tend to be harder than most domestic species of hardwood.

It is also important to choose an exotic hardwood supplier with extensive experience in supplying a variety of exotic species of hardwoods. At Green World Lumber, we have the in-depth experience necessary to help you find the right type of exotic hardwood to suit your specific needs. We are completely committed to using only the most responsible sustainable sourcing practices.

The careful selection of an exotic hardwood supplier in Toronto is one of the most important decisions you can make when choosing hardwood for your next flooring or decking project.