Using Mahogany Siding for Your Home

As spring gets underway it is time to start furiously writing down or getting those renovation and DIY plans into action! In this article, we are going to be talking about using wood siding for your home or cottage.

Why Use Wood Siding?

If you have ever taken a ride down in an old part of town, on a warm summer’s day, you would have seen a lot of homes with wood siding. Unlike nowadays, where developers are going for the cheapest option while charging you more, older homes were built to look good and to last.

Aesthetics & Hardwood Staining

Few building materials have the charm and beauty that comes with using real wood. Yes, there are plenty of fake plastic and vinyl options that are made and coloured to look like wood, but they are easily seen as fake or shiny and stick out like sore thumbs when they crack, warp, or split.

Real wood keeps its natural beauty as long as you, as a homeowner, properly maintain it. A new coat of oil or clear finish every few years (as instructed on the suppliers labels) will keep your wood siding lasting generations.

Even if the colour of your wood siding falls out of favour with your tastes, you can easily apply stains and paints to change the look and feel of your home. This allows you flexibility that you don’t get with vinyl or plastic siding, as you would have to replace all the siding. This ability to easily make a drastic change to the exterior look of your home will have the added bonus of giving prospective home buyers an option of how their new home will be seen.

Hardwood Siding Maintenance and Workability

Just as with hardwood decking, wood siding can make the installation process a lot easier than with other materials. If you are using a wood like genuine mahogany, you will have no issues in affixing the wood to your home. It will be especially beneficial when you have a piece that is just slightly too long, you will easily be able to cut it with minimal difficulties.

The best part about using a hardwood, like genuine mahogany, for siding is that maintenance is easy! As we mentioned above, taking care of the wood through oils, stains, or paints, will help keep your wood siding last a long time.

But even if over the years, you begin to notice cracks or small holes from weather or the animal inhabitants of your neighbourhood, they are easy to fix when using wood. You simply cover them with putty or a wood resin.

If your home’s siding begins to warp you do not have to replace the piece, you can often just screw it back and tighten it.

Hardwood and Genuine Mahogany Siding: The Eco Friendly Choice

Unlike other materials that can be used for home or cottage siding, wood is the sustainable and eco-friendly choice. This is especially true if you have made a smart choice in the selection of your wood. As we have mentioned before, genuine mahogany is an excellent sustainable source for your siding.

Plastics and vinyl siding use materials that cannot be easily recycled and will sit in a landfill forever when it starts to crack or needs to be replaced from the side of your home. By using a sustainably grown wood siding, you are ensuring that not only will your home last a long time but generations to follow won’t have to be reminded of the materials your siding was once made of.

Genuine Mahogany Siding

Culminating all the above points, genuine mahogany siding is a worthwhile option to explore for your siding project. Green World Lumber’s mahogany is proudly grown from a sustainable source and offers the protection and workability that will remove the headache in siding. This is in addition to the fact that mahogany’s natural colour and grain looks beautiful while also easily taking on finishes, stains, and paints, all of which will help in making your home glow and be a talking point on the street.

Green World Lumber offers a wide selection of profiles to suit your tastes and needs. Have a look below and see some of the profiles we are able to do. If you find one you like, let us know and we will custom machine the wood to give you ready to install mahogany siding.

The nice weather will be gone before you know it! Talk to a GWL representative today to get a quote on mahogany siding. Don’t be shy, ask as many questions as you need!