If you are interested in a new mahogany deck, floor, cabinets, door, or another item, it is important to purchase lumber in Toronto from a trusted and reliable supplier. While there are many wood suppliers to consider, not all offer quality and professional service. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely.

Green World Lumber

Without question, Green World Lumber is the best place to buy lumber in Toronto. Along with high-quality mahogany, the level of professionalism and knowledge regarding this exotic wood is exemplary. Green World Lumber sells gorgeous and durable Honduran mahogany to contractors, builders, and homeowners. 

What makes this company special is that sustainable mahogany is harvested from a premium plantation rather than logged from rainforests. The result is beautiful Green World Mahogany™.

Central Fairbank Lumber

For new Canadian lumber in Toronto, this full-service lumberyard supplies numerous quality products. Because the majority of products are manufactured on-site, there is better quality control.

Century Mill Lumber

Century Mill Lumber is also among the best places to buy lumber. Established in 1851, this family-owned company provides a wide range of quality and unique products, and it offers outstanding customer service.

Peacock Lumber

For wood suppliers in Toronto, Peacock Lumber deserves recognition. This company is known for using a unique process of air-drying that may include kiln drying, as well, depending on the wood species.

Oliver Lumber

Oliver Lumber was established in 1872 and is owned by former mayor Thomas Oliver. Although the business has since relocated to a new site, it continues to supply more than 50 varieties of both softwood and hardwood.


Although there are several good options for lumber in Toronto, if you have your sights set on mahogany, Green World Lumber is the best source. This company has a long history of excellence and, as mentioned, its wood comes from a plantation to help prevent future damage to rainforests.

At Green World Lumber, you can call the company, visit in person, and even buy lumber online cheap. Buying lumber online is an excellent option in that it saves time and streamlines the buying process. For the best mahogany lumber in Toronto, Green World Lumber looks forward to serving you as a valued customer.