Thermally Modified Vs. Mahogany Decking Part 1

These days, our gardens and outdoor spaces are as much of a part of our houses as the interior. We want to create outdoor areas, which we can enjoy during the warmer months, and that often means opting for high quality decking. Checking out quality and local lumbar suppliers is the way forward for this, to ensure you find the best material for your outdoor area.

A choice which many people find themselves with is thermally modified vs. mahogany woods. Let’s explore the differences.


The lifespan of both types of wood is quite long, so either option is ideal for an outdoor space. Genuine mahogany can last from 20 years upwards, but the exact number of years depends upon several factors, e.g the climate in which you live and the amount of rain it is subjected to. In some cases, mahogany can last for more than 30 years.

Thermally modified wood is a type of wood, which is treated with heat, but no toxic chemicals are added during the process. This adds to the longevity of the wood, which can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years, again depending upon climate and precipitation.

Color And Staining

Mahogany is a beautiful color in its natural state, but it is also one of the best types of woods for holding a stain. This means you can be as creative as you like in terms of your decking. Thermally modified wood is also good at taking on stains, but perhaps not quite as effectively as mahogany. This type of wood has a natural chocolate shade, which suits most types of decking. This needs to be sealed against UV rays.


Again, both woods are quite strong, but mahogany is one of the most stable wood products on the market mainly because of its unique grain structure. Mahogany also has a certain amount of flexibility, which makes it easy to use when creating any project, including decking. Thermally modified wood is strong, because the heat creates durability and resistance to general external factors. Despite this, it is also quite lightweight too.

Thermal Vs. Mahogany Decks?

Which would you opt for? Most would go for mahogany, simply because of its appearance, stability, and natural state. Mahogany is also very easy to work with and has that sense of class about it, because of the reputation which sits side by side with this strong and classic type of wood. On the other hand, thermally modified wood is also a good choice, because it is also durable and lightweight. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor decking. The option you go for is a personal choice at the end of the day but you will never lose when choosing mahogany!

What you must do however is ensure that you shop around for your decking, to get the best price for your next project. If you’re looking for some great wholesale mahogany decking options and want to get a quote, contact the Green World Lumber team today for all of your lumber supply needs.