WHITBY, ONTARIO, December, 2014, — Green World Lumber, the only Canadian hardwood lumber distribution company specializing in sustainable Fijian Mahogany Decking, is now offering this product to Toronto and surrounding areas. A particularly durable and stable timber, sustainable Fijian Mahogany Decking is also easier to use and more economical. Most importantly, however, it is one of very few lumber products whose harvest is overseen by the local government and results in sustainability.

Founder of Green World Lumber, Taylor Willson, launched the company in 2013 with a mission to change lumbering practices worldwide. “There is a significant demand for tropical lumber and this has led, unfortunately, to wide-spread corruption, ecological abuse and deceptive business practices,” he explains. “When a multi-million dollar deal literally wipes out several acres of old-growth forest and disrupts local tribes people, something has to change. And I believe the Fiji model is where we begin.”

The republic of Fiji has the largest sustainable Fijian mahogany plantation forest in the world, making it an extremely popular resource. Under less scrupulous leadership, this resource might diminish quickly, devastating the local population. But the Fijian government has an established system that ensures only plantation grown sustainable Fijian Mahogany timber is harvested, exported and sold from Fiji on a sustainable basis. This means the timber won’t be wiped out in one fell swoop, but rather exist for years to come, a situation that not only profits the country but supports the local residents as well. The lumber mills are able to consistently employ locals, providing a multi-generational skill set to family members now and in the future. In addition, a portion of the sales tax revenues is distributed to surrounding tribes people. Plus, levies are charged on every tree felled and invested fully into reforestation.

“We’re committed to setting a new standard for timber harvesting and distribution,” Willson explains. “The Fijian people not only have a beautiful natural resource but a inspiring system in place as well. By working with them, we hope to encourage the industry as a whole to supply only environmentally responsible products while providing consumer awareness. We believe this first step can, and will, make a difference.”

Green World Lumber

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