Why Choose Mahogany Decking

Once used by royals for furniture and countries for strong shipbuilding, mahogany wood is renown as not just a beautiful wood but a reliable one. It is along these same reasons that people turn to mahogany decking – they wish to have a beautiful deck with a long lifespan and worth its investment.

There are plenty of types of wood on the market that can be used for decking. So ask yourself, “why choose mahogany over other products?”

The Advantages of Mahogany Decking

Features of Mahogany Wood

Genuine mahogany decking is one of the most versatile products you can use in building your backyard deck. When compared against competing woods, it proves itself to be a worthwhile investment.

Colour & Grain of Mahogany Wood

Mahogany was popular with royals because of how rich and exquisite it looks. This is attributed to its splendid colour and grain. Mahogany is usually pink to reddish-brown or a reddish-orange colour. Its grain is often a beautiful wavy pattern. These elegant traits have made mahogany hardwood a perfect aesthetic choice for backyard decking.

Workability & Ease of Use of Mahogany Decking

As much of a hard and durable decking hardwood as mahogany is, it is remarkably easy to use and work with. In contrast to other hardwoods, like ipe, mahogany can be flexed and drilled into with few issues. It is easy to work with a variety of tools, like saw blades and drill bits. It can even be steam bent to get the perfect piece to wrap around a curved part of your deck.

A great benefit of mahogany is that, for its strength, it is relatively lightweight. Compared to other durable woods, like ipe, it is about half the weight making it easier to transport and move around a construction site.

The Lifespan of Mahogany Wood

One of the greatest strengths of genuine mahogany is its long-term value. A genuine mahogany deck can last 20+ years. This makes it a worthwhile investment since your deck will last just as long, if not outlast, your substructure.

Sustainability of Genuine Mahogany

No one likes to be ashamed of where they source their decking materials. Thankfully, genuine mahogany from Green World Lumber comes from a sustainable source. The Fijian mahogany project in Fiji is overseen by the government, ensuring that the land and trees on it, are felled responsibly and in sustainable numbers. This ensures that not only will genuine mahogany be sustainably available as a natural resource, it will also ensure jobs and prosperity for local Fijians.

Price of Mahogany Decking

Dollar for dollar, mahogany stands out against similar long-lasting decking hardwoods. Price will depend on the lengths of lumber ordered or pulled length sizes. Custom milling is also available. To get the most up to date information on prices and available sizes, please contact us for a quote!

Where to Buy Mahogany Hardwood

Genuine mahogany decking is only sold by a select few dealers. It is a safety measure to ensure control and maintain the sustainability of the resource.

Green World Lumber is proud to be your choice for mahogany decking Canada! We are able to have your lumber delivered across the country. Just let us know when you contact us of where you need your mahogany lumber and we will work on getting it delivered to you!