Green World Mahogany Hardwood Decking in Canada!

Green World Mahogany Hardwood Decking Questions and Answers

Brief description: Sustainable Mahogany hardwood decking is a plantation decking timber which offers architects, designers and end users a responsible, sustainable alternative when planning a deck or outdoor living area.

The history of Mahogany Hardwood: Mahogany hardwood decking, Swietenia Macrophllya, is a hardwood which has been used for centuries as the highest quality, durable and stable marine and exterior wood and also as a highly decorative, easily machined furniture timber. It occurs naturally in Central America where it was harvested to near extinction, but now thrives on the island of Fiji.

Is Mahogany hardwood decking a sustainable resource? Mahogany hardwood decking is a true plantation timber sourced from mature plantations in Fiji. Extensive areas of poorly cropped land were planted with Mahogany hardwood seedlings after World War II. All the resource is planted on tribally -owned land, which ensures income from log harvesting is retained by indigenous Fijians.

Harvesting of logs is carried out in a strictly controlled manner under a National Forest Policy by the Fijian government. All Mahogany shipments are subject to specific export licenses and certificates of origin. Sustainable Mahogany decking utilises a responsibly managed plantation timber resource of truly sustainable Mahogany hardwood in a world of dwindling hardwood resources.

Durability of Mahogany hardwood decking: In ground graveyard tests of  Swietenia Macrophllya heartwood carried out by the New Zealand Forest Research Institute, results indicated an average life of 10.2 years. This indicates an above ground durability of class II. To ensure durability for any sapwood which may be present all fibre is MCA treated.

Appearance:  Mahogany hardwood decking,  heartwood is pinkish to pale brown with a reddish brown flare in quarter sawn boards weathering to dark red brown. Typically, the boards have an attractive cathedral-like grain. Uncoated boards weather quickly to silver grey. The boards are machined to an exceptionally silky smooth texture.

How stable is Mahogany hardwood decking? One of the sought after characteristics of Mahogany hardwood, especially for Marine applications, was its stability. It naturally has very low tangential and radial shrinkage. All Mahogany hardwood decking is kiln-dried to approximately 12 % moisture content prior to machining. It has exceptional stability compared to many other decking timbers.