Fijian Mahogany Decking vs Meranti decking

The Industry has been mis-representing Dark Red Meranti decking or Balau decking as Mahogany for such a long time, many end-users believe they have Mahogany decks. Let’s look at what Fijian mahogany is, and how it compares to products claiming to be so.

Green World Lumber, Mahogany decking is manufactured from Swietenia Macrophylla trees (True Genuine Mahogany) — Selling the real thing is easier than selling an imposter species claiming to be Mahogany.

• All of our products are fully legal, Cites exempt, Lacey approved, and one of the only “Green” sustainable Plantation grown hardwood decking products available in the North America today.

Green World Mahogany™ is Kiln dried down to approximately 12% moisture. Most other hardwood decking products are Air Dried or Green, making them susceptible to potential end checking and may require end waxing when cutting for the installation of a deck or outdoor project, while ours doesn’t.

• Fijian Mahogany decking is labeled as a Class II in durability, where as other exotic hardwoods such as Balau decking or Meranti decking are rated as Class III durable, for example.

• Janka Hardness scale has Green World Mahogany™ at 800 pounds. Dark Red Meranti decking or Balau decking varies in hardness depending on sub-species and reference and both are an accepted decking species in many markets. With essentially the same hardness, Genuine Mahogany is more durable.

• All our deck boards are MCA treated for longevity and stability. Our deck boards are at least 95% heartwood, which is too dense to uptake treatment. Any sapwood in any of our boards uptake the treatment to ensure long life span, protect against degradation of our any board. Other hardwood species don’t offer this extra level of protection. The end result is a long lasting, beautiful decking option.

• Mahogany is a proven species, revered as one of the most durable wood species in the world. Used by boat builders, Furniture manufactures, Etc. Other species are trying to mimic the qualities of Genuine Mahogany. Real really is better.

• Fijian Mahogany readily takes stain like fine furniture, which allows for plenty of options in colour and appearance for the end user.

• No stain or seal required; can be left to naturally turn to a silvery gray appearance.

• Fijian Mahogany is very stable as decking. Our state of the art kilning process helps to ensure stability.

• Plantation grown means our product was planted as a crop for the purpose it is serving, to be a building product. End users and dealers who sell other exotic species are unknowingly and/or willingly supporting widespread harvesting of Natural/Virgin Rain forests all over the world. Our mahogany was planted after World War II for the exact purpose of this current enterprise. Also, it’s sustainable due to strict regulation by the Fijian Government.

• Shorea Sp. (Meranti decking or Balau decking) are often a mix of different Shorea species which all have different durability and properties. Swietenia Macrophylla or Genuine Mahogany is only one species and always have consistent properties and thus is always Class II durability.

Green World Lumber’s, Fijian mahogany decking can be purchased through these retailers.