Cedar Vs Mahogany Decking

In our Cedar vs Mahogany research, we focused on six main categories: grain, sustainability, durability, warranty, lifespan and maintenance. Whether you’re building a deck, pergola, or fence, here are some Key points that can help you decide between cedar or Mahogany.

Product Cedar Genuine Mahogany
Grain Clear/knotty No knots and smooth surface
Sustainability Sustainably harvested from government managed forest Sustainably harvested from government managed forest
Durability Janka hardness: 350lbs Janka hardness: 800lbs (56% stronger than cedar)
warranty No warranty 20-year limited warranty
Life span 10-15 years 25+ years
Maintenance High maintenance Low maintenance


Mahogany products are about 28% higher in cost on average than the same cedar products. Mahogany has a higher initial cost but it pays off by lasting the lifespan of the substructure. Genuine Mahogany is a great option if you want a beautiful low maintenance deck for over 30 years.

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Taylor Willson