The Beauty of Mahogany Wood for Your Deck and Where to Get It

Mahogany is rich. Rich with history, color, vibrancy, and sustainability. When grown in an earth friendly environment, Mahogany can be renewed and produced for anyone in the world. Mahogany is exotic. The pure, innocent red tones and straight lines of authentic Mahogany wood grow in depth with age. Extend your travels to faraway lands by bringing a piece of it home with you. When you step out onto a deck of real Mahogany wood, you walk into a tropical forest. You can hear the birds calling and the buzzing of foreign insects as the humidity covers your body. Your Mahogany deck will be a true storyboard, and how you get the Mahogany is where the story begins.

How to Begin Purchasing Authentic Mahogany Wood

Swietenia macrophylla, otherwise known as Mahogany wood, can only be grown in humid tropical climates ( The limited areas in which this resource can be cultivated add to the mystery and luxury of this ancient beauty. Availability and Customer Service are the key concepts to consider when looking for and buying true Mahogany wood for your home (inside or out).

Who Sells Mahogany?

The struggle is real and ever too familiar; buy cheap online or buy from your local mahogany hardwood supplier that will have better customer service for a higher price? Depending on the product this may be a no-brainer. Mahogany will have to be imported no matter what. Do you know enough about purchasing Mahogany to complete an order from a wholesaler online who won’t be around to answer questions and offer you help down the road? If so, great! Otherwise, you may want to shop for more than just wood. Determine what you want from a seller. Do you care about sustainability? Do you want a knowledgeable person at your side as you take the upcoming steps towards purchasing the wood? Is good customer service important you? When you’ve found all of your answers you’ll be closer to the dream of a Mahogany Wood Deck!

Green World Lumber is a mahogany wood supplier and may be just what you’re looking for. They have an important relationship with a plantation in Fiji directly. They ensure that the Mahogany wood is of the highest quality through every process. From sowing the seeds, caring for the trees, cutting them down, packaging planks, to protecting the wood from elements or thievery, Green World Lumber has it covered. They also ensure that the forests are replenished by sticking to strict guidelines with efforts to care for the people and land of Fiji. Wouldn’t it feel good under your feet knowing that your deck provided livelihood for those who nurture the trees and that because of the reforestation efforts of many different groups of people, the Earth will not be harmed or depleted. Green World Mahogany is available through many retailers making it possible to obtain, as well as getting the ongoing customer support you might need. To find out more about Green World Lumber and how to properly care for Mahogany wood visit