Top 5 DIY Gifts For That Person Who Loves Their Backyard

Your BBQ might be covered up and your patio furniture put away, but the winter season is no reason to stop thinking about your hardwood deck and backyard. If you know someone who is already planning what projects they will undertake when the snow melts, then you may want to consider getting them some DIY gifts this holiday season. Here are Green World Lumber’s deck building recommendations for 5 gifts that will help that DIY’er in your life who loves their backyard.

Just to be upfront, other than our own products below, we are not affiliated with any of the companies below; we just love them and want to share them to help you out!

1 – Camo Fasteners

When you are spending money on good quality wood for your backyard deck, the last thing you want is it to take away from the natural beauty of the wood. The Camofastner system helps you with that by being able to install your exterior deck and not have to put holes in the visible surface. The result is a smooth look that benefits from not being able to see the screws.

The Camofastener system works by using their tools to put fasteners and screws into the sides of your planks, hiding them from view. Another benefit is that you can use screws from your local hardware store!

2 – Mahogany Decking Lumber

If you are going to take on a “Do It Yourself” decking project then you are going to need wood that helps make your life easier. On top of its rot resistance, genuine mahogany is a fantastic wood to work with that will make your experience in home deck building significantly easier.

It helps that genuine mahogany is a beautiful wood that will age into a silvery grey. If you don’t like that, it also takes on oil and stains really well!

3 – eTape16

Building a deck? Are you building literally anything else in your backyard or around the house? The eTape16 would make an excellent stocking stuffer for the handyperson around your dwelling.

This tape measure can measure any item just like any other product out there.

The difference?

The fact that the digital display helps make it easier to perform tasks while still measuring. You can switch from inches to centimetres (as well as other metric and imperial units) seamlessly and, with the touch of a button, you can have it show the measurement from the back of the tape measure! This makes it so easy to lay down in between to points and know the measurement without awkward tape bending.

4 – BoWrench

If you are ambitious, you may decide to take on building your backyard deck all by yourself. Nothing wrong about that!

The BoWrench will act as that second hand for you when you need to hold your decking lumber in place. You will notice some of your planks, regardless of wood species, will be slightly bent. That is normal and will be more noticeable the longer the piece of wood. But you won’t care about that because the BoWrench will hold the plank in place while you drill the screws in. Once the screws are securely in place, your board will hold.

An awesome little tool that is essential for any DIY backyard deck!

5 – Cutek Oil

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is EXACTLY why you have to be sure to choose the right hardwood decking lumber for your deck! You want to really put the colour and grain of the wood on display. To get the best effect, you need to protect your wood! Cutek Oil gives you the protection your deck needs while making the natural beauty of the wood the star of the show!

As we have mentioned before, Green World Lumber often recommends Cutek clear oil as a way to ensure your deck looks great for its maximum lifespan!

We hope this little list helps in deciding on some gifts, big or small, for the DIY handyperson in your home.

Happy holidays from the Green World Lumber team!