As genuine mahogany continues to make a significant comeback in decking, deck owners and builders are beginning to see the incredible beauty of genuine mahogany lumber and sense why it came so perilously close to extinction. Our customers bring us their insight and experience and we continue to help in every way we can regardless of project scope. We enjoy communicating with customers to fully address all aspects of their needs. Our customers take pride in the fact that, not only are they purchasing the best wood decking on the market, they are helping the preservation of a regal species of tree and its surrounding ecosystem.

Consumers and businesses are more conscious and knowledgeable about the source of their products now more than ever. At the same time, a societal shift towards sustainability, quality, longevity, and durability of products is underway. This means people are looking for products with a long useful-life expectancy and an eye on fashion, which always plays a large role in sourcing decisions. Fijian Genuine Mahogany decking is a product that can easily last 20+ years if maintained properly, all the while flaunting its unique beauty. A genuine mahogany deck will be something both practical and beautiful, remarkable to everyone who lays eyes on it.

At Green World Lumber , we enjoy taking the time to provide knowledgeable and timely responses to all current and prospective customers, so that they can quickly make well-informed decisions. We also enjoy creatively crafting solutions for every level of demand. It’s understandable that with this material, everyone who has the opportunity – from a residential homeowner to a commercial builder – would like the chance to own and display a lumber with the reputation and heritage of genuine mahogany.

We maintain an extensive international supply chain and distribution network that ensures every customer gets the maximum value on every purchase. We are focused on providing industry leading value for our impressive genuine mahogany decking and are always glad to accommodate in-person meetings for those in the area.

Why not discover the beauty and durability of Fijian Genuine Mahogany decking and what it can do for you and/or your customers.

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