Green World Lumber Limited Warranty

Scope of Warranty
The warrantor, hereinafter referring to Green World Lumber Inc. (“Green World”), extends this twenty (20) year limited warranty to “Original Purchasers” of mahogany products offered by Green World (the “Products”). Original Purchasers are defined herein to mean the owners of record of the Products immediately following purchase of the warranted wood. This warranty is not transferable.
Warranty Coverage
Subject to the conditions set out herein, Green World warrants that the Products are guaranteed to resist rot for twenty (20) years from the original purchase date.
Conditions of Warranty
This warranty does not cover and Green World shall not be liable for:

  1. Damages from improper installation, abuse, alteration, disasters, misuse and treatment in manner other than as intended;
  2.  Costs of removal, installation, reinstallation, decking materials, installation tools, and Green World assumes no liability for loss of use, incidental or consequential damages thereto; and,
  3. Claims for cupping, checking, splitting, twisting, shrinking, staining, warping, discoloration, mold, fungus, or insect attack.

The following conditions must be adhered to, or this warranty shall not be valid:

  1. The Products must be used in a residential structure that meets all applicable construction and safety codes;
  2. The Products must be kept clean, dry and out of direct sunlight before installation and finishing;
  3. The Products must be installed with a minimum ground-clearance of eighteen (18) inches;
  4. The Products must not be in direct contact with ground or standing water and must not be subject to any moisture issues or standing water.
  5. If the Products are used to build a deck, at least two sides of the deck must be left open, so as to allow adequate airflow under the deck board, and there must also be a slope under said deck for drainage;
  6. The Products must be installed in accordance with the Green World Products Installation Guide;
  7. Any Products considered “defective” must be trimmed or sorted out prior to installation; and,
  8. Metal must not be cut anywhere near the Products during any part of the installation process.

Claims Process
Any claims must be submitted in writing to Green World no later than seven (7) days after discovery of suspected damage, accompanied by copies of the relevant receipt(s), a statement describing the damage and photographs showing the suspected damage. Discovery is defined as the point in time when the suspected damage was discovered, or should have been discovered, by the Original Purchaser.
Green World reserves the right to inspect the Products prior to any authorisation by Green World of any replacement, financial repair or other remedy under this limited warranty. From the date a potential claim is detected, the claimant must take all reasonable steps to protect the Products from further damage and all reasonable steps to mitigate potential losses caused by the suspected damage
Through purchase, the Original Purchaser agrees and accepts that any and all claims shall be limited to the original purchase price of the product, less shipping costs. If rot is apparent, Green World shall reserve the right, at its sole option, to either refund the original purchase price of the Products or replace the damaged item(s).
Failure to follow the instructions, requirements and recommendations or warnings provided with the Products shall make this limited warranty invalid. Green World shall have no further liability or obligation except as purposely stated in this limited warranty.


Green World Lumber Limited Warranty