Genuine Mahogany Decking

If you have never seen genuine mahogany decking in person, be assured that the first time you do will be memorable. The deep golden veins that run through the straight and clear face dazzle in the sunlight and are accented by the occasional swirl. Striping and layering is uniform and the lumber is the same density throughout. This uniformity in density and texture are both pleasing to the eyes, giving genuine mahogany its signature look, but also a decisive structural factor contributing to its efficacy as a building material. You can see and feel the durability, but picking a piece up will demonstrate its relative lightness versus comparable materials. Mahogany’s unique structure provides it with a unique strength-to-weight ratio while also imparting inherently resistance to shrinkage, warping and rot. This milieu of attributes makes genuine mahogany a pleasure to work with in any scenario. In fact, a surge of feedback to that effect continues to flood in from contractors new to working with genuine mahogany decking and seasoned professionals alike.

Mahogany Hardwood decking

Other tropical hardwoods such as Ipe do not absorb stain well or evenly due to their respective composition, structure, and density. This often leaves these woods exposed to the elements, relying solely on their inherent resistance to: UV degradation, rot/mildew, and decay. Ultimately, any lumber left untreated will turn gray and in this respect genuine mahogany is no different. One of the things that distinguishes genuine mahogany is its capability to accept surface treatment via stain, oil, or sealant. For genuine mahogany decking, wood oil is recommended if preservation of the fresh sawn look is desired. The engrained fibers of varying reddish-brown colour become vibrant when oiled, giving genuine mahogany a classy look that has consistently taken the notice of artisans and craftsmen throughout the ages. Indeed, another Age of Mahogany is upon us, as newly completed projects built with genuine mahogany are once again taking center stage.