Fijian Mahogany decking

Green World Mahogany Decking

Green World Mahogany decking (swientenia macrophylla) is a non-endangered timber, grown in sustainable forests in the tropical islands of Fiji. Managed with strict regulations by the Fijian Government, the forest plantations are crafted to prevent over-harvesting and establish a framework for growth cycle with minimal biological impact.

All our Green World mahogany decking comes from sustainable forests plantations, which means they are not harvested from natural/virgin rain forest. Combined with our modern harvesting forestry techniques we can confidently say you are buying a product with absolute minimum environmental impact.

Genuine Mahogany decking represents a new category of Hardwood from a plantation grown source that can be used for any decking need. It’s rot and mildew resistance combined with being one of the most stable timbers on the market makes it perfect for docks and near water decks. Coupled with its capability to accept stains, oils and other finishes, mahogany can be preserved and accented to meet absolutely every need.

Green World Lumber - Fijian Genuine Mahogany Deck