Cedar Vs Mahogany Decking

Cedar Vs Mahogany Decking
In our Cedar vs Mahogany research, we focused on six main categories: grain, sustainability, durability, warranty, lifespan and maintenance. Whether you’re building a deck, pergola, or fence, here are some Key points that can help you decide between cedar or Mahogany.

Genuine Mahogany

No knots and smooth surface

Sustainably harvested from government managed forest
Sustainably harvested from […]

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The Top 5 Places to Buy Lumber in Toronto

If you are interested in a new mahogany deck, floor, cabinets, door, or another item, it is important to purchase lumber in Toronto from a trusted and reliable supplier. While there are many wood suppliers to consider, not all offer quality and professional service. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely.

Green World Lumber
Without question, […]

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How to Build a Luxury Backyard Paradise in Ontario

Who doesn’t like being able to sit in their back yard and enjoy the view? I know for sure that I certainly do when the weather is warm enough and permits it. What can be even more fun is when you have a big enough yard that is decorated in a way that allows […]

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Helpful Tips for Staining Toronto Hardwood Decking

When gorgeous mahogany is your choice for Toronto hardwood decking, you have little to worry about specific to insect damage, rot and weather damage. However, if the mahogany wood is left untreated the wood is subject to the harsh UV rays, which tend to break the lignin that holds the cellulose fibers together. Eventually, this […]

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Best Hardwood Decking in Toronto: Fijian Mahogany versus Composite

Choosing the best hardwood decking in Toronto is an important decision. After all, this is a big financial investment. Therefore, you want a deck that will enhance your backyard and complement the architecture and style of your home. You also want a deck where family members and friends can hang out for many years […]

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Why Use A Luxury Deck Material In Ontario?

Why Use A Luxury Deck Material In Ontario?
A deck can be a nice asset to add on to any home. They come in a variety of different materials and styles. Nobody knows luxury decks better than those who live in Ontario. There are numerous hardwood decking suppliers to choose from depending on what you’re […]

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Popular Wood Decking Materials In Ontario

So you’ve decided to build a hardwood deck for your home in Ontario!  Hardwood decking in Canada is a good choice as a hardwood deck will add a relaxing element to your home as well as increasing the value of your property. There are a plethora of choices in the hardwood family for decking […]

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Helpful Tips For Building a Dream Deck in Ontario

Creating a dream deck as an addition to your home is both challenging and fun! Because this addition is so important you need to do your research. Numerous choices are available for the kind of decking materials, colors, and design elements available for your dream deck. Keep in mind an attractive and inviting deck […]

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Where to Buy Mahogany Decking in Ontario

The Beauty of Mahogany Wood for Your Deck and Where to Get It
Mahogany is rich. Rich with history, color, vibrancy, and sustainability. When grown in an earth friendly environment, Mahogany can be renewed and produced for anyone in the world. Mahogany is exotic. The pure, innocent red tones and straight lines of authentic Mahogany […]

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Helpful Tips for Staining Toronto Hardwood Decking

When gorgeous mahogany is your choice for Toronto hardwood decking, you have little to worry about. Even if untreated, Mahogany will last 25+ years without you having to worry about it. However, weather can affect the look of the wood over time. Treating the wood will protect it and bring out the natural colours […]

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